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“It’s always a good time to have a meaningful conversation about your job.”

When an employee is happy in his workplace, he will go the extra mile for the company. They will look for creative solutions to the challenges they face and act as an ambassador. That is why it is important that they have a save space to talk to a coach who can guide him if they aren’t happy. Together they can find a solution that works for both the company and the employee. 

To Bealien it’s important that the employees in the company are all working from their potential and are satisfied. 
That’s why she also provides career guidance for people who are looking for a new job or have trouble settling in their new found workplace.

Because she has her more than 20 years of experience in the Recruitment and Human Resource field, she has become an expert in this field. Therefore, she can be hired as a career coach for both the company and an employer.